Chris Lewis Profile Picture

Chris Lewis

Nashville, Tennessee
Owner / Web Developer - Coding Desk, LLC.
Bachelors in Business Information Systems from University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Masters of Science in Cybersecurity from Grand Canyon University

Coding Vagabond was born from my love to travel and code. Currently, traveling for me has been non-existent. My family and I recently moved to the Nashville, Tennessee area from western Arkansas. The move was partly due to a desire for a change of scenery, but the biggest reason is so that my oldest son could attend Lipscomb University. He is talented musician and composer. However, in the next few years, myself, my wife, and our youngest son (a special needs child), plan to live a simple life traveling around the states while working remotely.

In the first few years of my career as a web developer, I spent much of my time working as a freelancer. I developed and delivered websites for local businesses, schools, and organizations. Recently, I have been learning Python with a strong interest in machine learning.

I am embarking on a new journey this year. I plan to share my experiences and knowledge with others on YouTube and on blogs to accompany the YouTube channels. I plan to launch two channels and two blogs by the end of January 2022. The two blogs can be found at and I will attempt this while getting my Ph.D. in Computer Science (Vanderbilt University). I plan to use these platforms to further my studies and research areas in machine learning and artificial intelligence.